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The Real Ray

The Story of the Dropout

Now a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, highly sought-after host, Business Fastrack Master Trainer and leadership coach. Since the age of 20, he has founded and scaled more than 10 businesses, some who went on to become global brands. 

Early Heartbreak

"Why don’t we give him away” were the words he heard at the age of 9.

He had just finished an argument with his dad, a common scene during his early childhood. Ray will be the first to admit that he probably wasn’t the most rule-abiding child, but somehow there was a constant battle between father and son. But this time, after wiping off the last tear in his room and hearing that his dad had left the house, he opened the door to his room to go downstairs to get some water. He stopped midway as he overheard a conversation between mom and uncle at the dining table. It was then that he overheard that sentence being said by his mom. It was words that were uttered out from his dad’s mouth when he was a heavily crying baby. It was devastating to hear and that was the moment which Ray felt he needed to prove the world wrong. 

Although today Ray and his dad is in a good relationship, the early lesson in life had a major impact on him growing up.

Breaking Out from the Shell

Going through primary school was not easy as Ray had always felt more comfortable being alone. He was an awkward introvert but wanted to change the circumstance. He decided to take up MAGIC and did his first stage performance at the age of 11 at a children’s school concert.

Unfortunately, the show bombed… because he could not speak well and made so many mistakes due to nervousness.

Fortunately, that incident did not stop him as he was determined to be different. Although he gave up performing magic in public, he did a lot of research, practice and finally got his first gig as an emcee at another school concert at the age of 13. This time… it was met with great applause. 

This lesson taught him that “If you want something bad enough, you will find a way to get it done”

Since that fateful day, he has continued that skill till today and is a highly sought-after host at corporate functions, shows and weddings.

The Drive to be Independent, Successful and Loved

Ever since Ray started life with a single mum at the age of 12, he was determined that he wanted a different destination. Ray never believed in rules, and the rebel in him had taken him through unpleasant situations during his teenage days but ultimately gave him very valuable life lessons. When his peers would start enjoying parties at the age of 19, he had already grown tired of the scene and started venturing into business. 

His first venture would take him into the world of music, being part of a sound engineering team that would master the sound acoustics for local Malaysian artistes. That life had him work long and hard hours which would regularly end up until the wee hours of the morning.  This would eventually bring him to London where he spent 5 years there trying his best to have a work and study life balance. 

Unfortunately, with the high cost of living, he could not sustain himself and his school and had to drop out after the first year. He continued living in London and worked 2 jobs while starting a trading business. He had his first taste of success but blew it all on an expensive lifestyle of designer clothes and costly nightlife. 

Moving Back to Reality  

Returning to Petaling Jaya was one of the strangest things that happened because Ray was broke by that time. It was near impossible to find work in the music industry in Malaysia during the 1997-8 global financial crisis. He then decided to self-study the field of IT and levelled up himself in the Microsoft certifications. Moving from music to IT was tough… two different worlds… but it was necessary for survival. 

From IT to Entrepreneur

After 2 years of working in the IT industry and his final job as a Business Process Re-engineering Consultant, Ray decided that his heart was truly in the world of business. He took his love for speaking and combined it with his skills in IT to start his own self-employed business in IT training. After 2 years of this, he then started his first company, Redynamics Asia, an IT training centre. 

The Journey to Regional

Going through a business roller coaster and hard lessons in entrepreneurship, he steered his IT company to success, then to almost bankruptcy, to a brand venture with Infront Consulting and scaling up to 6 countries in 6 years. Insights and tough lessons had given him the formula and systems to change what was needed and applying it to a successful strategy. 

Ray Begins Teaching

In more than 20 years of entrepreneurship, Ray had worked out a formula for success and how it can be applied to any industry. He has taken his learning and compiled it with many other successful entrepreneurs and business gurus to create the 10X Business Fastrack Blueprint. Since 2017, he has helped many other entrepreneurs take on the journey of 10X and since then many have been successful. 

His Passion Lives Strong

His love for music and performing still burns heavily. In between managing 4 businesses, coaching more than 50 entrepreneurs at a time, he still emcees shows and performs on stage. But now he performs with a band made up of other entrepreneurs with the movement to use their passion to help those in need. All profits from their performances are donated to charity. 

Company Awards

Microsoft Best TechEd Partner 2008

- Microsoft Core Infrastructure Partner of the Year 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
- Microsoft Datacenter Partner of the Year 2014
- Microsoft Asia Pacific Management & Virtualization Partner of the Year 2015
- Microsoft Platinum Partner 2013
- Microsoft Global Awards - Datacenter: Customer Focused Partner of the Year Top 3 Finalist 2015
- Cireson Asia Pacific Partner of the Year 2014
- Microsoft Singapore Management and Virtualization Partner of the Year 2013, 2014
- Microsoft Sri Lanka Cloud Partner of the Year 2015
- Microsoft EMS Partner of the Year (Singapore) 2017
- Malaysia SME100 – Top 10 Best SME of the Year 2016
CIO Advisor Top 25 APAC Cloud Solutions Provider 2017

Personal Awards

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award for a consecutive 11 years

Microsoft Regional Director award for a consecutive 2 years, the only person to have held both awards

One of the only few Malaysians invited to speak at the Microsoft Conferences in United States, Europe, Australia and APAC since 2007

- President of BNI Uptown Chapter 2010
- Advisor to E-Business Association of Malaysia
- 100 Malaysia's Most Influential Young Entrepreneur 2018
- Entrepreneurs Organization Member and New Member of the Year 2013

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