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I’ve always felt that I was placed on this earth to create, lead and inspire others to be the best of themselves. People always tell me that I give my 100% all the time but it is always to enrich others as I’ve grown up knowing what it’s like not having it all. This is why I made it my personal mission to help my friends, family and community to build a greater future through my passion to impact the world.

Ray's Story

"Why don’t we give him away” were the words he heard at the age of 9.

He had just finished an argument with his dad, a common scene during his early childhood. Ray will be the first to admit that he probably wasn’t the most rule-abiding child, but somehow there was a constant battle between father and son.  But this time, after wiping off the last tear in his room and hearing that his dad had left the house, he opened the door to his room to go downstairs to get some water. He stopped midway as he overheard a conversation between mom and uncle at the dining table. It was then that he overheard that sentence being said by his mom. It was words that were uttered out from his dad’s mouth when he was a heavily crying baby. It was devastating to hear and that was the moment which Ray felt he needed to prove the world wrong. 

What I Do

Inspire Change

I help entrepreneurs take action as a business coach

Born to Perform

I am born an educator and entertainer on stage

Scale-up Entrepreneur

I help entrepreneurs Fastrack through proven strategies

What People Say

Had a coaching session with Raymond and it was really useful - I was looking for some assurance during the session and Raymond gave me exactly that.

— Dr Mohd Zulikhwan Bin Ayub, Founding Managing Director at SCVENTURE

I had a coaching session where I briefly explained my business and its problems with Raymond to learn more on what I lack/need in planning my businesses. I learned a lot from just one session!

— Syed Muizzuddin, Founder of SMJ Trading Sdn Bhd

I am truly impressed and inspired by Raymond on his knowledge sharing capabilities. Based on what they shared, we could tell that he has lots of experience in coming up with ideas and strategies. The key take away from this event allowed me to re-strategize my existing business and helped me to accelerate my business by applying all the ideas that were discussed during the event.

— Tak Yik Jaan, Founder of Cyfosec Sdn Bhd

I just did a 45 minute session with Raymond Chou. It was very helpful and I got focused by his comments and questions. You can really tell when somebody is really interested in your business and can make a difference even in such a short time. Thanks a lot!

— - Konstantin Nikov, Founder of Luxio Bulgaria

I have had the direct and personal blessing of having my life influenced by Raymond. My key learning from Raymond has been that an organisation needs to not only just have Core Values; it also needs to live them.

— Rabin Nijhar, Co-Founder of CommonGround

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